Curriculum - Key Stage 1

Year 1 (Rowan Class)


Block 1

To The Rescue

Block 2

Pirate Adventure

Block 3

Big Build

Block 4

It’s a jolly holiday


Non-fiction  – Instructions,

labels and captions


Narrative – Familiar settings


Poetry  – Autumn poems


Non-fiction  – Recount


Poetry  – Weather poems using rhyme and repetition


Narrative – fantasy settings


Narrative – stories from other cultures


Non-fiction  – Labels, captions and clues


Non-fiction  –  Instructions


Narrative – Traditional tales


Creative writing – Imaginary homes


Non-fiction  –  Instructions, Newspapers


Non-fiction  – Information texts


Narrative – Adventure stories


Non-fiction  – Recount/diary writing


Non-fiction  – Information texts


Poetry  – Poems on a theme (Seaside’s)


Narrative – Traditional Tales



Number and place value, Addition and subtraction, Multiplication and division, Geometry -  position and direction, Measurement – Time, Measurement – capacity and volume, Measurement - length and height, Measurement – Mass and weight, Geometry – shape, Fractions



Our bodies - parts and senses











Changes across the four seasons

History & Geography

Florence Nightingale



Compass directions

Homes around the world


Seasonal and Daily weather patterns


Significant historical places in the locality


Barnaby Bear


Seaside Holidays in the past

Design and Technology

Fruit kebabs

Making boats

Making homes

Healthy Picnic




Close observational drawing





Visits or visitors

Hydestyle - Finding out about animals


Nurse visit in school



Visit to Milestones Museum


Village walk


Garden Centre visit


Year 2 (Elm Class)


Block 1

Flying High


Block 2

Island Life

Block 3

London’s Burning


Block 4

Healthy Living



Narrative - Personal experiences


Non Fiction - Information texts


Narrative - Story writing


Non fiction - Instructional texts


Stories with familiar settings

Non fiction - Information text


Poetry - pattern and rhyme


Narrative - story writing


Non fiction – Recount


Non fiction - Information text


Narrative - Significant author

Poetry -

Non Fiction - Information text


SPAG writing


Narrative - Significant author


Non Fiction - Diary writing


Non Fiction – recount


Poetry - Silly stuff


Non Fiction - Information text


Reading focus



Number and place value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Measurement - length, mass, money, time, volume/capacity, Division, Fractions, Geometry - shapes, position and direction, Statistics.







Basic needs of humans and animals



How humans and animals change as they grow.


Explore and compare living, dead and non living.




Lives of significant people past and present


Significant events in history beyond living memory


Significant authors


Events of the Great Fire of London




Physical and human features of local area

Compare an EU and non EU island

Map skills



Five oceans and seven continents

Design and Technology

Healthy and nutritious food


Where food comes from and how far it travels


Winding mechanisms

Design a healthy meal


Pencil sketching - planes


Sculpture - making poppies



Study of an artist - Thomas Parker William fire paintings

Design a plate


FAST Museum


Aldershot Military Museum


Walk around the village


Witley Common

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