School Lunches

School Food Standards

As part of the School Food Plan, a new set of standards for all food served in schools was launched by the Department for Education. They become mandatory in all maintained schools, and new academies and free schools from January 2015


Our Menu : Academic year 2020-2021

 WEEKS COMMENCING : 19th April, 10th May, 7th & 28th June, 19th July


Chicken curry, rice &

salad (tomato, cucumber, red pepper and carrot sticks)



Banana custard


Roast chicken and gravy, roast potatoes,

carrots and  sweetcorn



Blueberry flapjack

Spaghetti bolognese with grated cheese, 

homemade garlic bread, salad (tomato, cucumber, red pepper and carrot sticks)



Frozen fruit yoghurt

Sweet and sour chicken, noodles, geen beans and carrots



Fruit crumble and custard

Fish fingers,

jacket and sweet Potato wedges,

courgette fritters and

baked beans



Chocolate & banana muffins

 WEEKS COMMENCING : 26th April, 17th May, 14th June, 5th July


Roast chicken and gravy, roast potatoes,

carrots and cauliflower



Apple flapjack


Chicken and tomato pasta bake,

homemade garlic bread and salad

(tomato, cucumber, red pepper and carrot sticks)



Coconut and mango pots

Jacket potato with cheese, ham and 




Pear Sponge

Cottage pie, carrots and broccoli


Fruited jelly

Homemade chicken goujons, homemade tomato ketchup,

jacket and sweet potato wedges with salad (tomato, cucumber, red pepper, carrot sticks)



Fruit crumble and custard

 WEEKS COMMENCING : 3rd & 24th May,  21st June,  12th July


Sausages, mash,

yorkshire pudding,

baked beans and peas


Banana Cake

Chicken and salad wraps with grated cheese, ketchup and mayonaise



Date and cocoa brownies

Roast gammon and gravy, roast potatoes

carrots and sweetcorn



Oatmeal raisin cookies

Homemade fish goujons (white fish and salmon)

jacket and sweet potato wedges,

salad (tomato, cucumber, red pepper, carrot sticks)



Fruited jelly

Cheese, tomato and chicken pizza, (tomato, cucumber, red pepper and carrot sticks)




Lunchtime Pudding Options: Yogurt or Fresh Fruit            Drinks:  Water or Milk available every day

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