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Welcome to our Governors page

Role of the Governors

The Board of Governors are responsible for the overall management of the school, in much the same way that a board of directors is responsible for the overall management of a company.  The Governors do not run the school on a day to day basis - that is the responsibility of Head Teacher and Leadership Team - but work in partnership with the Head Teacher, staff, parents and the Local Authority to raise standards and achievement in the School. 

The Governors set and support the school's strategic direction and monitor performance against this; making decisions and taking action to improve the standards of teaching and pupil's learning in a safe and happy environment.  Governors are not necessarily education experts but as unpaid volunteers, give their time and knowledge so that the school best supports it's staff and pupils.  They ensure policies and procedures are in place to ensure the school is well run.


The Governing Body at St Paul’s consists of 10 Governors and Full Governing Body (FGB) meetings are held at least twice a term, with extraordinary meetings scheduled as necessary.  St Paul's do not have a separate Pay/Finance Committee but have a dedicated Finance Governor.  FGB meetings look at all business relating to the running of the school; Finance, Health and Safety, Curriculum, Safeguarding, Staffing etc.

Further Information can be requested by email to:  school@stpaulstongham.com


The Governing Body of St Paul’s Church of England Infant School has agreed that Full Governing Body meetings will be “open”. Minutes are available on request, once they have been agreed by the Full Governing Body.

Associate Members do not have voting rights at the Full Governing Body Meetings.

Open meetings are meetings of the Full Governing Body to which members of the public, including school staff and parents can request to attend, as observers. This protocol constitutes the code of conduct required by the governing body in return for granting access to their meetings. 

Members of the public can make a request, in writing, to attend a part of any meeting.

Requests to attend must be sent to the Clerk to the Governing Body no less than 14 days before the date of the meeting. 

If there is sufficient capacity/space an invitation to attend the meeting will be issued by the Clerk to the requestor/visitor, together with an agenda. These will be sent by e-mail 7 days before the meeting.  Visitors sit away from the governors' meeting table (as observers).  Anyone attending will be shown on the meeting as “In attendance”. 

Persons attending meetings are there at the invitation of the Governing Body and must agree to: 

  • be present as observers only; 
  • not speak or in any other way interrupt the meeting; 
  • at the request of the chair, leave the meeting if any part of it is deemed, by the governing body, to be confidential;
  • not record any part of the meeting electronically or in writing. 

Failure to abide by these conditions may result in an individual being asked to withdraw from the meeting and potentially be refused an invitation to future meetings. 

Minutes are available, if you wish to see them. If you have any queries, you can address these by contacting the Clerk to governors by emailing:


Parental complaints/concerns should be addressed through the complaint procedure.


Governor type

Appointed by


Business and Pecuniary interests

Karen Lambert


Tongham Parish Church

Chair, Headteacher Appraisal and       SEND/Disadvantaged


Tom Hilyard




H/T of St Paul’s Infant School

Claire Yeates


Local Authority

Vice Chair, Finance

Pupil’s Parent

Rev’d Claire Holt


Tongham Parish Church, Ex-Officio


Vicar of St Paul’s Church, Tongham

Jenny McGregor



Pupil Premium

Staff of St Paul’s Infant School

Matthew MacLachlan


FGB Headteacher Appraisal, Curriculum  

Katy Wright




Pupil's Parent

Steven Stewart-Farmer Co-opted


Health & Safety, Premises  
Louise Kennedy Parent Elected   Pupil's Parent
Joseph Newman  Parent Elected   Pupil's Parent


Term of office

Start of Term

End of Term

FGB meeting attendance  2021/22 Academic Year





23rd Sept

18th Nov

16th Dec

24th Feb

17th Mar

5th May

9th Jun

14th Jul


Karen Lambert 4 years (1yr Chair) 14.10.2014 13.10.2022

Tom Hilyard Ongoing 19.4.2022                  

Suzanne Brown





Claire Yeates

4 years




Jenny McGregor

4 years




Rev’d Claire Holt




Matthew MacLachlan 4 years 26.05.2021 25.05.2025      
Katy Wright 4 years 26.05.2021 25.05.2025      
Steven Stewart-Farmer 4 years 28.02.2019 27.02.2023      
Louise Kennedy 4 years 28.02.2019 27.02.2023      
Joseph Newman 4 Years 1.05.2022 30.4.2026